Number by KaisDivoCollection. Picture: SDR.
Swahili Fashion week, one of the biggest fashion shows in East and Central Africa, providing platform for fashion and accessory designers from Swahili speaking countries and beyond to showcase their talent, market their creativity and network with clientele and the international fashion industry took place on December 1-3 at VIP Lounge National Museum, Swahili. 

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Swahili Fashion Week saw over 45 designers, including Afrika Sana, Palse, Enjimaasai Fashion, Kiki's Fashion, and Samz just to name a few. What seemed to be the trend is the shoulder out, wide arms and of course, fine African prints. 

Aimed at emphasizing to the region that fashion is an income generating creative industry, whilst promoting a Made in Africa concept, these are the looks that stood out for us: 

Parachute dress by Naledi. Picture: SDR. 

Ribbon coat by Palse. Picture: SDR. 

Shoulder out dress with a touch of African Print by EnjiMaasaiFashion. Picture: SDR. 

Wide arms shirt by Martin Kadinda. Picture: SDR. 

WATCH: Highlights at the Swahili Fashion Week

Broad hips dress by Kikis. Picture: SDR. 

Maxi shirt by Kahvarah. Picture: Instagram. 

See through lace pants with sheer flared coat by Kais Divo Collection. Picture: SDR. 

Single wide arm agbada by Del Africa. Picture: SDR. 

Orange and black number by Kais Divo Collection. Picture: Instagram.