Green hair for the season. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko
With summer season coming up, a lot of things are also going to change, from clothes to shoes, make-up and even hair colour trends. While ombre has been in, many ladies are still enjoying it and it seems it’s also going to be an in-thing this season.

Ombre colour hair trend is a fashion shade at the bottom of the hair that leads into the natural shade. Chatting to Mimmi Biggars, professional hairstylist and Head of Education at Dark and Lovely Academy, she shares that “the fashion shades this year seems to be blue, the red shades and strangely enough platinum seem to be in the forefront. Whether it’s natural hair, weave, or plaits, the ombre season is on”.

Rainbow coloured locks. Picture: Instagram. 

With celebrities being influential, the motivational factor for these colours, as far as the blue and the pink is concerned, is Kylie Jenner. She introduced it and suddenly people liked it.

“She largely contributed to that particular trend but, you know, because there are so many different hairstyles among the black consumers, they then took the hairstyles and transformed it to suit their particular self,” says Biggars.

Blue hair. Picture: Instagram. 

Having coloured hair doesn’t just come easy. There are factors you need to consider in terms of your hair type and the colours you want.

If perhaps you’re planning on tinting your natural hair, you have to be very careful that you do not mix your relaxer and your permanent tint. It’s two chemicals and both the chemicals will result in dry hair which will lead to breakage.

All the hair and clothes at Soweto Fashion Week

However, if you have locks, braids or natural hair transitioning into virgin hair, then it’s safe because it’s one chemical and not two. But should you insist on having your relaxed hair coloured, then we advise you to have the shade only on the tips of your hair. Highlight just the ends.

Blue locks. Picture: Instagram. 

Tinting your hair with hair colour is permanent. Be very sure of the colour you want and if you want to relax your hair, wait until up to six weeks because by then, your hair would’ve grown.

To re-tint your hair, you don’t have to put in a permanent colour once more, but can use a semi-permanent colour which is just a rinse and enhances the colour.