Socks and slides. Picture: Supplied.
Swop out the heavy winter boots and slip into this summer’s urban essential…socks  and slides.

Whether its sundowners on a rooftop, supporting your soccer squad or simply being  cool by the pool, slip into style by pairing your summer threads with your favourite  foot gloves and slides.

Cool socks with slides. Picture: Supplied. 

  And for those who say “never”… here are 5 snappy comebacks when you are wearing  socks and slides
  • Slides with leather, slides with fur, you can come at me, but I don’t currrr!
  • It’s an acquired taste. If you don’t like them, acquire some taste.
  • Trash talked by many. Hated by some. Guess how much I care? It’s less than one!
  • It’s a slippery slope to fashion oblivion!
  • Unless your name is Google stop acting like you know everything.
In shades and shorts. Picture: Supplied. 

Get ready to show off your fancy footwork, you can always coupe a pair at Makharms.