Picture: Supplied
Wafer thin slices of smoked salmon served as an exotic luncheon dish with creamy scrambled eggs on rye bread.

1 portion Seafod Hyper’s Special Vacuum Packed Smoked Norwegian Salmon slices, cut-up

4 large eggs

¼ cup cream

freshly ground black pepper


50g butter, cubed

1 tbs finely cut up fresh dill or basil

4 slices rye bread

4 tbs cream cheese

Beat the eggs with cream, pepper and salt.

Place in a non-stick pan and cook gently, adding cubes of the butter while stirring until the eggs have set.

Stir in the herbs and salmon.

Pile on to the bread slices and top with a tablespoon of cream cheese on each.

Your Seafood Hyper’s Special Smoked Salmon On Rye Bread is ready to be served with a beverage of your choice.