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Cape Town – She walks in wearing a faded, 90s-inspired tie-dyed dress with brown sandals that have seen better days. On her back is an overloaded black backpack. On her head is a blond, messy mini-ponytail. By her looks alone, it’s hard to imagine she’d have anything interesting to say, but right off the bat of the conversation and this woman will have you hooked – she has created her own version of sex.

Klare Nirmala Rongen Jensen, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a self-proclaimed sexologist. After an unsatisfactory personal sex life, she decided to create her own version of intimacy and now travels across the globe to deliver these sex workshops.

And while there definitely is penetration, Klare’s version is a bit different. It stems from her discovering what she calls the seven gates to a woman’s nest. She believes there are seven points that need to be triggered before the penis reaches the womb. She admits that her theories cannot be scientifically proved but personal experience has shown her that "it’s there, it’s definitely there".

According to her, if every point is reached, “very deep healing can happen and a very high state can be reached”.

Such significant healing, in fact, that one woman was even healed of cancer. According to Klare, this woman practiced reaching the seven gates in her nest and was healed of her cervical cancer.

Whether you believe it or find it to be a boat-load of nonsense, there’s no harm in giving it a go, right? So let’s expand on what this out-of-this-world sex entails.

The foreplay in this case would require oil, preferably a couch, lots of patience and little to no clothing.

After literally rubbing each other up the right way (with the oil), the man can take a comfortable seat on the couch. At this point his penis is erected and, according to Klare, "he is full of appreciation for the woman".

The Seven Gates to a Woman’s Nest Picture: Klare Nirmala Rongen Jensen

This is when the intercourse can begin – Klare style:

* The tip of the penis makes contact with the clitoris.

* It is important to practice patience from the get-go. The man and woman should stay in this position for a moment, appreciating all of the sensations that come along with it.

* The beginning of the penis then touches the outer lips of the vagina. Kiss, stroke or lovingly gaze at one another, but do not be hasty in moving from this position.

* The woman then makes a slight movement and the head of the penis enters the vagina. But, warns Klare, there should be no massage movement. Stay in that position for a moment.

* Things heat up a bit when another move of the woman’s hips has the penis going about 1 – 1,5cm deeper. This is round about where a woman’s g-spot is.

* The woman then makes another movement and the penis should now be closer to the beginning of the womb. Her hips might start aching because being in this half sitting, half standing position could be uncomfortable. But don’t buckle, says Klare.

* The man can insert his penis a bit deeper, reaching the opening of the womb.

* This is the final stage and supposedly where the magic happens. The man penetrates the woman’s womb and the woman is able to relax her entire body and sit completely on the man’s lap. According to Klare, energies are released from the womb and at this point anything can happen.

Klare’s creation of sex could leave many intrigued, some (particularly men) frustrated and others humoured.

Klare Nirmala Rongen Jensen

But when asked if any feedback was given after an individual’s application thereof, Klare’s answer is no.

“It’s still very new, therefore not many women have tried it,” she explains.

If one of you ladies decides to put this theory to the test, give Klare your feedback at [email protected] What have you got to lose?