In October 2018, a free eCookbook by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and B-well was launched with the aim of helping South Africans to reduce their risk of cancer. Now, the project can boast an incredible achievement of 40,000 downloads since its launch and that means more people learning how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Every year 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer and what’s truly shocking is that environmental and lifestyle factors, including smoking, lack of exercise and a poor diet are the cause of a significant percentage of these cases. The Smart Choice Cookbook with CANSA and B-well is a collection of recipes that focuses on healthy cooking methods and ingredients that can positively influence cancer risk reduction. 

All the recipes were developed with CANSA’s consulting dietitian Megan Pentz-Kluyts, who is well-known for her knowledge on the role of nutrition in helping to lower the risk of cancer.

The flavours in the recipes are exciting and explore some of the latest food trends. You can start the day with a Power Green Smoothie Bowl or tuck into a Salad In a Jar for lunch, enjoy Curried Fish with Apricots for dinner and even include a Banana and Cranberry Oat Cookie as an occasional treat. There are familiar favourites like Bobotie and the book has recipes for stock that forms the basis of the soup recipes, but these kinds of basics encourage South Africans to work with fresh produce and try new combinations at home. 

What makes this book truly unique is its accessibility: The book is available to download for free from the B-well website. 

In South Africa, selling around 5 000 print copies is considered an excellent achievement. The team at B-well believe the book can reach the 100 000 downloads milestone by October 2019 as there’s still considerable interest in this unique venture by CANSA and a brand renowned for its canola oil-based products. 

Stephen Geldenhuys, B-well marketing manager, is excited about how well the book has been received by the public and the positive impact it can have in people’s lives. “B-well is proud of its reputation for great recipes and the incredible quality of our products. It’s rewarding for us as a brand to know that we are in the homes of consumers and part of their journey towards living well.”

CANSA has long been an outspoken advocate of the benefits of wholesome nutrition and says this, along with maintaining a healthy body weight and remaining physically active, can reduce the risk in a third of cancer cases. The Smart Choice Cookbook is a practical guideline that can be utilised by all households. 

“As an organisation, CANSA has always been true to our mission to make knowledge available, ” says Dr Melissa Wallace, Head of Research at CANSA. 

“The Smart Choice Cookbook is a new dimension to CANSA’s information resources and we hope that it will help families change their mindset around healthy eating and just how much it influences their risk of developing cancer. For cancer survivors, the book is equally applicable as everyone benefits from delicious, nutritious food.” 

The book has a simple message: eat smart to lessen the cancer risk. 

To download The Smart Choice Cookbook with  CANSA  and B-well, visit Information and more recipes are also available on the  CANSA  and  B-well  Facebook pages.