Twisted braids. Picture: Supplied.
Plaiting your hair and braids is one of the most popular protective hairstyles around. Although braiding is time consuming they are versatile and easy to manage and style.  

Here are 4 ways you can style your braids.

Twisted braids are often time consuming but easy to maintain as you can just let them loose and not tie them.

High bun and drop
This is very simple when you want to tie braids but not all of them so you simply tie a potion in the front and let the rest loose.

High bun and drop. Picture: Supplied.

Front twirl
Front twirl is nice because it’s a bit loose and it’s easy to just twirl your braids to the front and tuck them in.

Front twirl. Picture: Supplied.

Straight back
This is perfect for when you don’t want to spend many hours at the salon. 

Straight back. Picture: Supplied.

* The way you style your braids shouldn’t be too tight as tightly pulled braids can cause damage to your scalp. Always go for soft styling to avoid hair breakage.