BLOOMING: DJ Infinix, pregnant again and beautiful.

Uitenhage-born DJ and music producer DJ Infinix is pregnant with her second child. She shares some of her best tips during this precious time.

1. Do get foot massages throughout pregnancy: It’s good for the relief of stress and anxiety and it takes pressure off your feet. But first consult with your doctor.

2. For stretch marks, tissue oil and coconut oil work wonders for me.

3.Go to gym or work out at home - with your body changing and hormones raging, you need gym to help keep you refreshed and fit, and it’s great for the baby too as your placenta gets more oxygen when you work out. Just clear it first with your doctor.

4. When it comes to make-up, if you want to be super-careful during pregnancy, try some of the minerals-only brands. These products use ingredients that primarily sit on top of the skin and don’t cause irritation for most people.

5. Commercial make-up products contain preservatives and chemicals you probably can’t even pronounce, two of which, parabens and phthalates, are thought to possibly cause cancer. They act as endocrine disruptors and are linked with mood swings, fertility issues and hormonal imbalances.

6. Choosing organic make-up is choosing to protect the environment and your body, which is important during this time, so try reducing the pollutants you’re putting into them.

With 100% natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, primrose oil, coconut oil and green tea extract, your body is provided with vitamins and minerals that will make your skin clearer and healthier. And since these do not contain preservatives or artificial fragrances, their scents are usually less intense and they’re less likely to cause breakouts.

The biggest con of organic make-up is price. Since the ingredients are natural, the products are usually more expensive, and because they don’t contain preservatives, the make-up won’t last as long.

A variety of companies sell all-natural or organic make-up products - so look at the ingredients list to make sure the product you purchase is truly organic. Look up each of the ingredients if you are not sure what it is.

Organic make-up is never waterproof or water resistant. If you’re looking for a mascara that won’t run, it’s probably best to go for a commercial product.