Even the working mom can make time for simple makeup routine. (Picture: Pixabay)

The modern day women, especially working moms, have a full and hectic schedule from the minute they get out of bed to the moment they finally crawl into bed at the end of an exhausting day. 

With demanding kids or a tough boss, taking a moment for yourself is often the last thing on your mind. Needless to say, makeup is definitely not a priority.

Stylist Wendy Hind from Chata Romano Image Consultants is well aware of the fact that women don't have much time in the morning for a complicated and time-consuming makeup look. 

Wendy makes it easy by sharing her 2-minute makeup routine for a natural everyday look.

Step 1: Foundation or tinted moisturiser. Apply 4-5 minutes after your moisturiser.

MAC - Lightful C Tinted Cream

Step 2: Blusher, applied with the correct blusher brush.

essence - my must haves satin blush

Step 3: Mascara and lots of it!

L'Oreal - Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara

Step 4: Lip gloss/stick or tinted lip balm. 

Rimmel - Oh My Gloss Snog Lip Gloss