Ruff Tung’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection combines sparkling sequins, prints and easy-to-wear fashion for every woman. (Picture: Bernice Dodd)

The spring/summer 2019 season of African Fashion International (AFI) Johannesburg Fashion Week starts today in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg where designers are presenting their collections over four days. 

Cape Town-based designers Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch, the design duo behind the all-inclusive brand Ruff Tung, gives us a preview of what we can expect from their showcase on Saturday afternoon. 

Their Spring/Summer 2019 collection titled “Graphic Forna” heralds a new dawn for them. 

Ruff Tung design duo Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch. (Picture: Bernice Dodd)

“We continuously strive to offer our women the same fashion experience, regardless of size,” says Pickering.

“It’s a fact that we are synonymous with bold print but this season our design mojo steps it up a notch or 10. The visual aesthetic is transformed with an energetic fusion of tropical and graphic statement prints which work together in a harmonious clash of bold pattern and highly saturated colours. For SS19, more is more. The female form becomes a vibrant canvas exploding with confidence; a look we know our Ruff Tung Army will celebrate. We did not forget the bling, the shine, the elixir that is sequins. We promise not to disappoint.”

Ruff Tung's Spring/Summer 2019 collection is titled “Graphic Forna”. (Picture: Bernice Dodd)

Their latest collection is injected with a clever mix of casual sophistication and commercial appeal. The combination of sparkling sequins, prints and easy-to-wear fashion means there is something for every woman.

“Simplicity is the focus in our design, creating a modern energy for the modern Ruff Tung woman," say the designers. "Our brand mantra of 'live your best life now' stands firm. We believe A positive self-image is about confidence, which has led us to understand how to create pieces that work for women across all ages, shapes and sizes.” 

Ruff Tung is synonymous with bold prints. (Picture: Bernice Dodd)

“I became emotional at the shoot when we had the girls grouped for the first time," Pickering says. 

"As designers, we are always stuck in the greasy engine room, so to speak, working so hard and so close to the vision that we don’t take time to stand back and appreciate it. 

"When that moment came it was powerful – that all-inclusive moment of incredible woman, all shapes, ages and colour.” 

Ruff Tung's show is scheduled for 15h45 on Saturday.

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