Aisha Baker has developed a jewellery line. (Picture: Instagram)

It was a natural progression that the internationally acclaimed fashion and beauty blogger Aisha Baker from Baked Online, would collaborate with a jewellery brand in developing her own signature range of jewellery.

In this new venture Aisha has developed a jewellery range with online accessory store byCara. This range will be available for purchase from 1 November 2018 online on the ByCara website. 

This season Aisha is all about collaborations, being able to be a new mother, a wife and still be a stylish influencer, she is the perfect representative of this brand. They have made an affordable range for the everyday woman, with the prices ranging from R125-R140. 

“I’m so excited to be collaborating with byCara, not only do I adore the brand, but I feel I really connect with Cara’s style philosophy. I’m hoping our collection together is the first of many! The collection is predominantly gold, my favourite metal with a few green signature pieces. I based my selection on the circle of life since I’ve just become a mum as well as the crescent moon symbolizing change and new beginnings”, says Aisha. 

The range is inspired by the new journey that Aisha has embarked on, that of motherhood. The brand byCara is about the Morden woman and Aisha is the perfect example of that modern woman. 

As a loyal supporter of the byCara brand, it only made sense for these two women to make this new collection, every piece we see was handpicked by Aisha.

Cara Lee, founder of by Cara expressed her excitement on this new collaboration as she has always admired Aisha’s success with ‘Baked Online’. This has made this collaboration very effortless. 

The collection will be available from 1 November 2018 at 18:00 online at