Priyanka Chopra arrives at the People's Choice Awards 2017 in Los Angeles
Priyanka Chopra arrives at the People's Choice Awards 2017 in Los Angeles
Picture: IANS
Picture: IANS
Priyanka Chopra is turning heads in Hollywood.

The former Miss World beauty is not only a Bollywood queen but is also establishing herself as a Hollywood sensation.

The 34-year-old sultry Indian actress notched up several accolades in the US last year.

The soon-to-be Baywatch babe has starred in the television thriller Quantico, and has also been an Oscar presenter.

With 15.7million followers on Twitter, she has been voted as one of 100 most influential people in the world and has graced the front cover of Time magazine.

Will she eventually throw away her culture and modesty like Sherlyn Chopra and appear in the centrefold of Playboy magazine?

As sexy as she is in her itsy bitsy dress, I think Priyanka has much more sense and feminine modesty than Sherlyn and thus will not succumb to the temptation of the sleazy Playboy magazine.

Not only would her fans possibly riot in India, but she would also lose many of her followers on Twitter.

But would US President Donald Trump be happy to see an Indian actress taking Hollywood by storm?

As it is, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is worried about Trump’s “America first” policy.

There are thousands of Indian immigrants working in the IT industry in the US whose jobs could be in jeopardy if Trump fulfils his election promise of reserving jobs for his American people.

Let’s hope Priyanka Chopra does not let her success go to her head, lose her Indian identity and become Americanised.

T Markandan