Half dipped polish. Picture: Supplied.
Tenfold launches the SA’s  Next Nail Generation of Nails, bringing new nail trends. To promote natural nails, gel nail polish is the in thing. It brings  different nail designs  to create a more comfortable complex according to a woman's personality. 

Half moon polish.

“In terms of nail trends, what we’ve noticed is that there is a transition in nail arts. A lot of nail artists are very gimmicky, you’ll find that nails have cartoon characters or flowers, and sometimes 3D. What’s happening is that we’re seeing a shift into something minimalistic, something very simple where you can use solid stripes, chevrolet, negative spaces, geometric, and diagonal just to name a few”, says Georgia Shekeshe of Tenfold. She further explains that the minimal art in these nail trends is good because it doesn’t draw too much attention but rather simple yet elegant. 

Diagonal polish.

“The beautiful thing about minimalist art is that it appeals to the everyday woman. Even someone that’s an executive can easily walk into the boardroom without raising eyebrows. Instead of going for artificial enhancements such as tips which uses harsh products like acrylic, you could opt for products that create sculpting. Bio sculpture is one good example because it’s good for building and that creates length should you want long nails as opposed to keeping them short”, says Shekeshe. 

Solid stripe (right hands) polish. 

Different nail art are produced from just playing around with nail polish to create unique shapes. The most popular one is the half moon where half a circle is created right by the cuticles. There’s also a solid stripe, with full colour nails and just a single vertical stripe across the nail. Half dipped nail polish is also in, with only half of the nail painted in colour. However, although these types of nails are now trending, normal manicure is not neglected as there is still quite a number of women who prefer it. “There’s still a lot of people that come in and ask for a basic manicure. I don’t think it would do justice to say that this new nail trend is sort of like over taking  because there are still women who appreciate a basic manicure”, says Shekeshe. 

Negative space polish.

Gel nail polish is nice because it does no harm to your natural nails but still lasts longer, unlike a normal nail polish.