Ashley Graham believes people should "have fun" with creating their own style. (Picture: Instagram)
Ashley Graham believes people should "have fun" with creating their own style. (Picture: Instagram)

Ashley Graham: There shouldn't be rules in fashion

By Bang Showbi Time of article published Jul 19, 2018

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The 30-year-old model has insisted that people shouldn't be told what they can and can't wear, as she says there shouldn't be any guidelines when it comes to fashion, and people should "have fun" with creating their own style.

When asked to give her top five styling tips in a video for Harper's Bazaar magazine, she said: "First off, your bra is your foundation. If you've got a good bra, show it off. Make it a part of your styling. You know, make that thing kinda come out sometimes. Show it off.

"Secondly, do not pay attention to rules. We have been told that we can't wear stripes, or that we can't wear short skirts because our cellulite's going to come out. I say, screw the rules, make your own, and have fun with fashion."

Ashley's third rule was to make sure everyone has a piece of "premium denim" in their wardrobe that flatters their body shape.

She added: "Number three, embrace denim. I really think that premium denim is hard to find, but once you've found it for your body shape, you really can't go back."

The curvy model's last two tips were centred around body confidence, as she urged people to be "be proud" in their own skin, and embrace crop tops no matter what your body shape.

She said: "Number four, think about proportions. When I'm looking in the mirror at my outfit, I want to be showing something off. Whether it's my arms, my legs, my breasts, or even my midsection. So be proud of who you are, and don't cover up everything.

"And number five, I believe that crop tops are a curvy girl's best friend. Because you can create a waist, you can show off your waist, you can add a belt underneath it if you don't want to show off your midsection. Really you can just get creative with any kind of crop top."

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