2022 TikTok beauty trends that turned out to be meh

These axtra long nails are tacky. Picture: Instagram/@iamcardib.

These axtra long nails are tacky. Picture: Instagram/@iamcardib.

Published Dec 17, 2022


TikTok is one of my favourite social media apps because it is fun and informative.

Content creators always come up with interesting trends, while others are just doing cringe things to stay relevant.

Either way, it’s one of the apps one should visit when they have time because 10 minutes can quickly turn into two hours of watching videos non-stop.

In 2022, we saw TikTokers introduce new challenges almost every week. Depending on your niche, we all found something to feast our eyes on.

While most challenges were fun and trendy, others we so meh, and we think they shouldn’t make it to the following year.

Extra long false lashes and nails

First of all, those extra long and super full lashes look so tacky. They are not giving what it’s supposed to give. They look so uncomfortable because how do you go around with fans in your eyes? It doesn’t make sense.

The same goes with the nails. How do you even get things done with those extra-long Cardi B nails? Also, super long nails are unhygienic, but hey, anything for beauty, I guess.

Relaxing edges

To my 4c-type ladies, fine edges are not everyone, and that’s okay. If your hair is coarse, then stay away from the baby hair trend.

Relaxing your edges just to fit in doesn’t seem wise because you might lose your entire hairline over baby hairs. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Vampire facial

Withdrawing blood from your body only to re-inject it as a facial sounds insane. Why are people doing all these weird things to look younger?

If you’re 54 with wrinkles, it’s okay because that’s what your skin is supposed to look like at that age. Can we normalise ageing and look like our age instead of trying to be forever young?

Picture: kimkardashian/Instagram

Lip filler

I need the lip filler trend to be discontinued because some of you don’t know when to stop. You may think that you have Angelina Jolie's lips going on, but instead, you end up looking like you’ve been stung by bees.

Andrea Ivanova after 20th round lip filler injections. Picture: Instagram

Tattooing eyeballs

I can’t believe that there are people who actually do that instead of getting contact lenses. Tattooing eyeballs is insane because look at that Netherlands lady Anaya Peterson. She did it in 2020 and 2021, and it’s only now that she’s going blind.

She was irresponsible in doing the procedure after she saw what happened to Amber Luke, and it’s a pity she doesn’t have $250 000 (about R4.3 million) to regain her sight. She should've listened to her daughter.

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