Coconut oil is known for repairing chapped lips, hardened and cracked heels. Picture: Instagram.
Taking care of your skin should be top priority, especially during dry seasons like autumn and winter.  Eco Diva has identified four natural ingredients that your skin cannot be without this winter.

Omega fatty acids

Omega fatty acids consist of omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 oils. These are polyunsaturated oils that make up the so-called “healthy fats” that are essential for healthy bodies. They are prominent in foods like fish, avocados, nuts and seeds. Just like our bodies, our skin reaps major benefits from healthy oils. Omegas have the ability to smooth the skin’s surface, increase hydration, fight the signs of ageing with antioxidants and strengthen the skin against environmental aggressors.


Peptides are fragments of proteins, made up of amino acids. Essentially, amino acids combine, forming peptides, which make specific proteins. Proteins are the building blocks of our skin – they are responsible for firmness, texture and elasticity. When applied to the skin in the form of a serum or moisturiser, peptides revitalize and restore the skin. They also make the skin stronger and more resilient.
Avacado has omega fatty acids which have the ability to smooth the skin’s surface. 

Organic baobab oil

Native to Africa, baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms on baobab trees. Known as the “tree of life,” baobab trees can live up to 1000 years, and are celebrated for the nutrients found in their fruit. Baobab oil is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E and K. Because of its nourishing and healing properties, baobab oil is an excellent ingredient to apply to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory abilities and is easily absorbed without leaving a sticky residue. It’s an excellent moisturiser, stimulates collagen and helps preserves the skin’s elasticity.

Coconut oil

Extremely popular both inside and outside of the kitchen, coconut oil is one of the most versatile oils on the market. It is extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts, harvested from the coconut palm. It is incorporated into various skincare and body products, as it’s an extraordinary moisturiser. It is known for repairing chapped lips, hardened and cracked heels, dry skin and has even shown to have a positive impact on eczema and psoriasis. Very little is needed for long-lasting hydration.