Treating the inflammation with antibiotics is making things worse. Picture: Lamelle.
Acne vulgaris, a skin disorder that affects up to 85% of people at some point in their lives is a total nightmare. 

It is caused by disorders in the cells that line the inside of hair follicles, while the skin overproduces normal oils known as sebum, a particularly nasty bacteria called P.acnes (Propionibacterium acnes), causes a painful and unsightly inflammation.

Treating P.acnes with antibiotics has made it drug resistant

Most acne treatments perform OKAY in the beginning and then suddenly just start to fail completely. This is because most treatments in the past (and still many in the present) try to treat P.acnes with oral and topical antibiotics. What’s happened is, through the years, P.acnes has become drug resistant. 
Treating the inflammation with antibiotics is making things worse

Apart from treating P.acnes with antibiotics, conventional treatments throw in extra anti-inflammatory antibiotics to treat the inflammation that goes with acne, thus making the drug-resistance problem way worse. P.acnes’s drug resistance has now been documented to be as high as 40%.
Using oxygen-based products actually just makes things worse

One of the ways manufacturers have tried to reduce the drug resistance issue is by using oxidation-boosting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. At first glance, benzoyl peroxide acts on P.acnes without antibiotics, but it works by generating highly reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are basically free radicals, causing oxidation that’s basically “biological rust” that boost cell harming and ageing in the body. You wouldn’t treat a blemish on metal by rusting it to oblivion, so why do that to your skin?

Something that’s focused on treating acne on the body is needed

By far the most effective acne treatments today focus only on the face, but there are very few highly specialised (and effective) acne treatments that are specifically designed to treat acne in the skin on the body.
Lamelle has created a new product,  Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray to fight P.acnes and inflammation without antibiotics and affecting drug resistance, to counteract ROS in the skin barrier.
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