“Your hair is your crowning glory,” said Gerald Wells, professional hairstylist and owner of the Gerald Wells hair care empire.

If you're looking to update your look, consider these top five hair trends from celebrity stylist at Gerald Wells Hair Salon, Justen Labucher:

Let out your inner mermaid (or merman) with the number one trend in hair colour: pastel fashion shades. Pair this with “colour smudging”, a technique involving using darker colours at the root that become lighter toward the ends, and not even the rainbow will rival your fabulous hair.

If you’re after that chic runway look, blunt outlines with lots of texture throughout the cut is very high fashion for women.

Gents are emulating the era of James Dean with the pompadour hairstyle. This stylish look is achieved by cutting a high fringe that tapers through the back. This haircut is best styled with the fringe swept upwards and backwards or in a side path.

Sleek Kardashian waves (or Gatsby inspired – depending on where you’d rather admit you nabbed style tips from) is an elegant and sophisticated trend that’s made its way to red carpet events locally and internationally.

Last but not least is full, voluminous and shiny hair. That whole GHD era of flat and straight hair is “deader than disco”. In 2017, embracing the natural kink or curl in your hair is what it’s all about. It’s time to start working with what you’ve got while allowing your hair to recover from years of heat and chemical damage.

Bonus: At any era of fashion, there’s no substitute for beautiful, healthy hair. That means, don’t skip that much needed hair trim and treat your hair to the occasional deep conditioning it deserves.