5 must-have make-up products for beginners, according to Sheika Daley

Zendaya’s make-up look done by Sheika Daley. Picture: Instagram/@officialsheiks.

Zendaya’s make-up look done by Sheika Daley. Picture: Instagram/@officialsheiks.

Published Dec 21, 2022


International celebrity make-up artist Sheika Daley was in South Africa, and IOL Lifestyle attended her exclusive masterclass with Lancôme.

We arrived on a rainy Monday morning at the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff in Joburg, to see how the most sought-after MUA (make-up artist) does make-up.

She had picked former Miss South Africa (2020) Shudufhadzo Musida as her muse while we watched her do her magic.

One of the hottest make-up tips we learned was that instead of using concealer to highlight certain facial features, use a lighter foundation to keep the textures the same, making everything look seamless.

She also taught us that putting foundation on the hand before applying it to the face helps oxidise it so that by the time you put it on, it stays longer.

Another pro tip is that you do not directly apply a concealer stick to your face (unless you’re a performer). For an everyday look, run the brush through the concealer and then brush it on your face so that it blends nicely.

For beginners, she shared the top five must-have make-up products, which are:


You will need this as a base before starting with your make-up. It will keep you skin soft, ensuring everything stays in place.


Invest in a good foundation that matches your skin tone.


You will use this to conceal any dark marks or spots. A concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation.


No make-up look is complete with dry lips. Since Covid-19, lipsticks took a step back, and lip glosses are on trend, especially the clear ones.


Remember that you’re a beginner, so putting on false lashes can be risky. Apply mascara to give your lashes a long, fuller look.

Daley is a celebrity make-up artist whose career started in a strip club as a MUA. Some of the celebrities she works with include Keke Palmer, Jodie Smith, Kelly Rowland and Zendaya.