Founder and owner of The Treat Beauty Salon, Dany Gharzo. Picture: Supplied
Founder and owner of The Treat Beauty Salon, Dany Gharzo. Picture: Supplied

5 summer nail trends to try now

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Dec 6, 2019

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With summer officially here, now is the perfect time to change up your nails. 

We asked the founder and owner of The Treat Beauty Salon, Dany Gharzo to share with us the trendy nail art you should be rocking this summer. 

Gharzo said personally she loves the longest and oddest colour of nails (mismatched nails) as these reflect her bold and go-getter personality. 

“My boldness is depicted in very bright and attention-grabbing colours. My go-getter personality is represented by the length of my nails- I see what I want, I go for it and I hold on to it with my claws,” she said. 

Below is Gharzo’s trendy nail art picks you should be rocking this season. 

Ombre. Picture: Eve Smith Productions

Ombre nails

Literally, everyone is going for ombre as these are a great option to feature two of your favourite colours in your manicure. Ombre nails exude confidence because they stand out and demand the attention of any eye. 

The hit colour combination is white and nude pink (a classic for all women) and suits both long and short tips. Other brighter colours can be mixed to achieve the ombre effect.

Holographic. Picture: Supplied

Holographic nails

These are increasingly becoming a popular nail trend and for a good reason. They are quietly sparkly, colourful, pretty and look best under direct light such as sunlight or the outdoors, however, they appear quite subtle indoors. Hence, holographic nails are a great look for women with an ambivalent personality. 

Marble nails art. Picture: Supplied

Marble nail art

The mix of marble effects on one or two nails has not died down because let’s face it- it looks absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. The best thing about the marble effect is that it’s completely random and is meant to look messy, so your nail technician “messing” on your art is actually a good thing. The beauty of the art is in a messy or unpredictable look. 

Glitter stamped. Picture: Supplied

Glitter stamped nails

A splash of glitter is the ultimate summer flavour to add to your nails for a look that is as shimmery and sparkly as your personality. Glitter is known to add glamour, making you look and feel like the ultimate glam queen. 

Mismatched. Picture: Supplied

Mismatched nails

Mismatched nails are 2019’s biggest manicure trends and offer endless takes on nail art. These can be mismatched in shape and pattern (geometrical design) or colour (tonal gradient). Mismatched nails are perfect for the holidays as they are playful, allowing you to let loose and have fun, enjoying more than just a single colour. 

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