Child's hair being taken care of. Picture: Instagram.

A child’s scalp is more sensitive and requires tender care. 

Here are 6 ways you can go about it. 

  • De-tangle: Split into small sections and spray the Mizani Miracle Milk. Then detangle the hair from the tips of the hair in portions till you reach the roots.
  • Never brush from the roots as this will break the hair and hurt the scalp.
  • Use a tangle-teaser brush or a wide-tooth comb. Do not use a paddle brush or fine tooth comb as this will break the hair.
  • Shampoo the hair with a Ladine deep cleansing shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping the moisture.

A simple pony is good for keeping your child's hair neat and tidy. Picture: Instagram.

  • Condition the hair with bio-conditioner that detangles, treats damaged over stressed hair and controls frizziness, restoring the hair's moisture level.
  • After shampoo and conditioner,apply a hair softener which is a leave in treatment that will help to style the hair and finish the kids treatment. This will leave them with good healthy manageable hair without pain and tangling.
Spirals is a nice hairstyle for kids. Picture: Instagram.

* Always use non-harsh products for kid’s hair to avoid any damage that may appear on their sensitive scalp or break the hair.