Before shaving, make sure you exfoliate. Picture: Pexels.
Before shaving, make sure you exfoliate. Picture: Pexels.

6 ways to remove body hair without feeling uncomfortable

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Apr 23, 2020

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Just because we’re on lockdown, doesn’t mean you should take a holiday from your usual beauty routines, especially when it comes to body hair removal.

If you normally go to a salon you’ll need to find ways of doing this routine at home. And for some it will mean to use a dreaded razor as shaving is still the world’s number one method of hair removal.

 FINO Cosmetics has compiled a list of shaving tips to leave you hair-free and silky smooth without the discomfort.

Exfoliate before shaving to lift hair – exfoliation helps rid the skin of dead cells, so that your razor doesn’t get clogged up with them, but by lifting the hair, it also allows you to get a closer shave.

Change your blades / razor regularly – to ensure a smooth shave, be sure to replace your razor (if it’s disposable), or blades, regularly. Old blades are ineffective and more likely to cause irritation, or trap bacteria.

Don’t shave as soon as you hit the shower – allowing the steam / water to soften hair and open up the hair follicles will make getting a close shave easier.

Don’t dry-shave – no matter what the circumstances, it’s never a good idea to shave dry skin! Applying a moisturising shaving cream will allow the razor to glide easily over your skin and you’ll avoid getting nicks and cuts. Dry-shaving causes irritation and will almost always leave you with painful cuts.

Keep the temperature moderate – hot water scalds the skin and causes dehydration, so make sure the temperature is moderate when you shave.

Limit your pressure – razor blades are designed to cut hair across a flat surface. If you press the razor onto your skin, you’ll “dent” the skin, creating an uneven surface, which makes shaving more difficult. Plus, the harder you press, the more likely you are to nick the skin.

Pro tip: Remember to always apply an after shave cream after getting rid of that hair. 

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