The first step to make-up application is knowing which brushes to use. Picture: Supplied.
The first step to make-up application is knowing which brushes to use. Picture: Supplied.

A guide to make-up brushes for beginners

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Jun 7, 2021

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Knowing how to do make-up is not just about using the best products. The tools you use to apply make-up are just as important.

I learnt this when I realised that although I had all the make-up, my skin wouldn’t “pop” until I realised that I had been using the incorrect brush for my make-up application.

Now that I know which brush to use, I can simply create a bold look or a natural glow without watching any tutorial video.

To achieve the best make-up look, these are the correct brushes/sponges to use:

Buffing Brush: The best brush to use for a full-coverage application of loose or compact powder foundation. It is not recommended for liquid foundation.

Square Foundation Brush: This is the perfect brush for liquid foundation as its bristles are densely packed, making it easy for you to evenly distribute the foundation without any crease.

Contour Brush: For the delicate application of a highlighter or to contour your cheekbone. It can easily sculpt your face, giving you a more contoured look.

Detailer Brush: This is to conceal problem areas such as the ender eye. It can also be used with lipstick for a long-lasting shape and definition.

Smudge Brush: This one is perfect for eye make-up. It is used to blend and blur liners or shadows along your lash line.

Shading Brush: Also meant for the eyes, the shading brush is used to ensure a maximum colour pick-me-up and even distribution of eye shadow.

The sponge: Perfect for high-definition contouring around the eyes and nose, a rounded side for easy blending on the forehead, cheeks and chin and precision tip for blemish and imperfection coverage.

Pro tip: After doing your make-up, don’t forget to finish it off with a setting spray.

Source: Real Techniques.

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