Rihanna loves the stiletto nail shape. (badgalriri/instagram)
Rihanna loves the stiletto nail shape. (badgalriri/instagram)

You decided to spoil yourself with a visit to the salon for a manicure. You sit down, pick a nail colour and settle in for a bit of pampering. 

The nail technician then asks you, “So what shape would you like?”. How do you respond when you have no idea what your options are in the first. Next time you hear words like oval, square and coffin, you’ll know what they mean. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different nail shapes.

Round (Instagram)

Round: This shape simply follows the natural shape of your nails. It works for anyone especially for those with short nails.

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Square: This shape is similar to square in the way that it’s easy to maintain and works with short nails. The difference of course is the tip is filed flat given it more square shape.

Squoval (Instagram)

Rounded Square: Torn between round or square, the rounded square shape somewhere in between. Softening the edges of the square making the tip not as flat.

Oval (Instagram)

Oval: If you want to make your fingers appear slimmer and longer then you should try this shape. Works best for women with longer nails.


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Coffin: Sounds scary but if you’re feeling adventurous and have your nails are long enough then you should try this shape. Check out Kylie Jenner’s style for inspiration.


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Stiletto: In order to try this outrageous shape you must know that it isn’t recommended if you often use your hands. Lets just say that you might find home chores a bit difficult. The long pointy shape is very cool though. A style that Rihanna often rocks.