There are simple ways to create beauty treatments at home. Picture: Pexels
There are simple ways to create beauty treatments at home. Picture: Pexels

Aesthetics doctor Dr Reza shares tips on how to create non-invasive beauty treatments at home

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 29, 2020

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On 1 June the country will move to level 3 restrictions which means many businesses will be allowed to open their doors again. Unfortunately hair and beauty salons will still remain closed. 

This has not only caused salon owners much distress, but their clients as well. From manicures to haircuts and waxing to facials, ladies are desperately waiting for their favourite salons to reopen. 

Women are stressing about how they can’t maintain their beauty treatments and as a result they don’t look their best. 

Dr Reza, an aesthetics doctor who’s played a pivotal role in forming a business relationship with American plastic surgeon, Dr Robert Rey, also known as Dr. 90210, from E!’s hit show and last year went to Hollywood to train with Kim Kardashian’s doctor, Dr Simon Ourian, is an aesthetics doctor based in Johannesburg.

Dr Reza. Picture: Instagram

Dr Reza has a Medical Aesthetics and Holistic Wellness Centre focusing on minimally invasive anti-aging and cosmetic treatments.

The centre specializes in offering a full range of medical anti-ageing treatments including injectables, botulinum toxin, silhouette soft threadlifts, laser hair removal, dermapen, facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.

Anti-Aging Art, the centre, also provides body and hair restoration treatments such as body contouring, spider vein removal, cellulite reduction, stretch mark reduction and other body related treatments.

They also offer a range of IV infusion treatments ranging from anti-aging, energy and recovery infusions to combat stress and fatigue and assist with the general improvement of the quality of life through healthy living.

Dr Reza has shared some tips on how to take care of yourself and achieve as close as you can to the following treatments.

Facial rejuvenation

A lot of work is done on the skin’s dermis, which is the living layer of the skin. Platelet rich plasma, made from the patient’s own blood is used, and redermalization which makes collagen and elastin and these are the things that make the skin healthy and full. The dead layers are cleared by a chemical peel method.

At home:

The peeling pads, which they stock, can be used which will give them the removal of the dead skin and provides stimulation on the skin, but what is also needed is focusing on their lifestyle and reducing the stress hormone which accelerates aging. Getting sun is also important, but not too much and avoiding sugar and fat which can lead to excessive oil in the skin.

Cellulite reduction

A number of treatments are used. One such treatment is thickening the skin, to hide what is happening underneath and that is done by skin redermalization or skin boosters or platelet rich plasma. 

To work on the actual cellulite shockwave therapy is used, which breaks down the adhesions between  the fat globules. Injectables are used into the fat globules to minimize them. 

Breaking down old connective tissue which creates the dimples in the cellulite and balancing of the hormones is done and optimizing fluid retention. There is a machine also called the Exilis which tightens skin and smoothes it out.

At home:

Massaging techniques and avoidance of excessive salt so as to not retain water. Exercise is also important. These can help the appearance of cellulite, but completely smooth skin can only be attained with treatment.

Energy and recovery infusions

Patients are helped to optimize energy levels and feel happy and healthy by focusing on all different levels that can be focused on. From the psychology side when Botulinum toxin for frown lines is used , it has been proven to increase and enhance the mood of the patient which has an effect on the patient’s immune system and sense of well being. 

DNA testing and lifestyle treatments are referred to patients, as well as IV infusions which contain Vitamin C and the vitamin B groups, this gives patients more energy and improves the immune system of the patient.

At home:

Making sure they get enough sleep, exercising and having a healthy balanced diet and making sure that the stress hormones are controlled as they affect the immune system negatively.

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