Pretty pink.
Pretty pink.
Peach perfect.
Peach perfect.
Power of plum.
Power of plum.
Ever since she was a little girl, Astrid Esme Jonker has been obsessed about beauty. 

She dreamed of having her own cosmetic range and to bring it into reality, she studied cosmetology but later realised this was not for her. She then enrolled at the Make Up Issue in Cape Town to study beauty and make-up.

In 2015 she created her first lipstick line, Ajeless Africa, a cosmetic brand which has grown to as far as producing nail polish and lip gloss. She talks to us about her journey and business.

What is so unique about your products?

My products are designed for all the different ethnicities that bless our continent and are cruelty free (meaning they have not been tested on animals).

It’s so authentic that some companies are trying to mimic Ajeless Africa Cosmetics philosophy and the brands concept, so we are definitely doing something right.

Astrid Esme Jonker, founder of Ajeless Africa. 

What are your favourite products from Ajeless Africa Cosmetics?

I love all my Ajeless Africa products, the lipsticks, nail polishes and lip glosses. I’m super involved in the developing process of all the products and none are released before I’m satisfied.

What are your biggest career highlights so far and why?

One of my highlights was last year when we worked with the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, and the Cancer Association of South Africa for their annual Cuppa For Cansa High Tea event. 

Ajeless Africa had created a limited edition gift box for each lady who attended the event. Each gift box consisted of two matte lipsticks plus two matching nail polish shades. It was epic and all for a good cause.

What more can we expect from Ajeless Africa?

Ajeless Africa will be producing more products during the course of the year and more fabulous shades.

Perfect plum. 

Any beauty tips?

Take your favourite Ajeless lipstick shade (SPF 15 enhanced) and apply Ajeless lip gloss (different to the shade of lipstick you have just applied) and rub your lips together for a perfect finish.