Basetsana Kumalo. Picture: Instagram.

Former Miss South Africa, Basetsana Kumalo has  undergone an anti-aging process in Germany. 

Since arriving in Europe earlier this month, the TV personality has been documenting the process through her Instagram page. 

Day 1

Day 1 @VIMEDCELL Clinic: Before leaving home I was sent a comprehensive list of blood tests to take. It was a couple vials (7 in total ). I am a blood donor, so I'm used to it. At arrival a detailed personal and family history is collected in an in-depth discussion. It's a boutique clinic, you are the only patient in the clinic at a time, no other patient is treated in parallel at the same time, no patient in the waiting room. You get undivided attention from the team. The in-depth discussion is followed by a thorough ultrasound examination of your abdominal organs (liver, gall bladder, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, abdominal aorta and lymph-node groups and thyroid gland and a colour-doppler examination of your carotid arteries for stroke prevention. Day 2 tomorrow continues for the search of the elixir of youth, health, vitality and rejuvenation.💃💃💃 #Repair #Rejuvenation #Wellness @healthspo #VIMEDCELL #RichInHealth #InvestInYourHealth #InvestInYourFutureHealth

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Day 2 tomorrow continues for the search of the elixir of youth, health, vitality and rejuvenation”. (sic)

Day 3

The device on my tummy is helping to trigger the self healing mechanisms in the body. Further, it helps to open up the detox filters and helping the body to detox. Now, when the CD34+ Stem cell gets transferred into the body no phones are allowed as there lots of electronic gadgets that the cell radiation can interfere with and because of the pricision points that need to be injected, you can easily get startled with a bleep or unexpected call and move, so both the Doctor and the patient must focus. Sorry guys. I chose two focus areas of pain: my right ankle, from the multiple fracture injury I sustained almost 2 years ago, I have had incessant pain especially after a long day, which causes me to limp when it's really bad and I also have had an unrelenting spasm on the top right hand shoulder. The balance of the stem cells get injected on the solar plexus, Andreas, one of the MD's explains in the next post why specifically that area of the body is the best part to infuse with your own magic potion. #Repair #Rejuvenation #Wellness #RichInHealth #VIMEDCELL @HealthSpo #InvestInYourHealth #InvestInYourFutureHealth

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Time to leave

Repair, rejuvenation and taking time to look after one's health and prioritizing ones well being is not a luxury but a necessity, better than buying another new car or the 40th pair of shoes. It makes you #Unstoppable. Our health is the only wealth we have after all is said and done. "The relationships you hold with every other person in your world is the direct reflection of the relationship you hold with yourself. @kristinfraser11 puts it beautifully when she further says "it is not selfish to put yourself first, even if it seems selfish, then I encourage selfishness. It is not an option. We all have a greatness to bring out in this world, and so we have to make taking care of ourselves our non-negotiable time. Being selfish in your self-care is an act of selflessness." I have had the most sublime and unbelievable experience at VIMED CELL Clinic. Feeling revitalized, energized and strong to take on 2018!!! Now it's time to be a tourist. People in Basel buy their bread, wine and cheese in France (20mns away) meat in Germany (20mns away) and of-course chocolate in Switzerland. So I had my breakfast in Switzerland, my lunch in Germany and now dinner will be in France. Had to do 3 countries in one day....having real First world problems!!!😃😃😃 Wishing you a fantabulosticious weekend. 😘😘😘

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