Wearing your hair naturally is the way to go. (Picture: Pexel Stock)

Hopefully, your body survived the overeating and drinking that usually comes with all the silliness of the festive season, but your bank account might not have.

Many of us enter January with a low bank balance, counting those cents in the hope of making them last to payday.

Having partied hard through Christmas and New Year, your hair and skin are most likely showing signs of fatigue as a result of lack of sleep and poor diet.

With little to no budget for “rescue” pampering, there are ways to fake healthy glowing skin and “good” hair by simply using what you already have in your makeup and beauty kit.

Keeping your look simple and “natural” is one of 2019’s hottest trends and what better time to embrace this than during the low (no) budget month.

Here are a few looks to try while waiting for payday.

Go easy on the makeup

Ladies, you’re going to love this. Overly contoured cheekbones and layers upon layers of foundation and concealer will soon be a thing of the past. Unnaturally sculpted cheekbones and bizarre, overdrawn eyebrows will thankfully fade away.

In 2019 we’ll be seeing more natural makeup looks that don’t require a bottle of foundation or expensive makeup brushes.

Natural, barely-there, glowing skin is easy to achieve. (Instagram/ hayleywelkmua)

Mix a drop of your foundation into your daily moisture for a more dewy looking skin. A dab of colour (pink or peach) on your cheeks, a few layers of mascara, a lick of lipgloss and you’re good to go. Your fingertips are the only tools you need to achieve this fresh look. So step away from the makeup brushes.

Budget-friendly glam

Heading out and need to glam up that barely-there makeup look? All you need is to swop the lipgloss for that classic bright red you already have in your makeup bag and accentuate your eyes using that liquid liner wing technique you’ve most likely perfected by now.

A pop of red instantly adds glamour to a bare face. (Instagram/melbellamua)

Most ladies have a product with a bit of shimmer in it. Find ways to make that product multi-task. Dab your shimmer lipstick on your eyelids for a subtle metallic look.

If you only have shimmer eyeshadow, then use a small amount on the centre of your lips over your lipgloss.

Natural hair rocks

Give that flat-iron a break and cancel your hair appointment. Check out the #naturalista and #girlswithcurls hashtags for inspiration. All you need is some leave-in conditioner or a curl-defining cream to make your curls pop. 

Naturally curly hair is trendy right now. (Picture: Pexel Stock)

If you don’t have a leave-in conditioner, dilute your usual conditioner with a bit of water, mix it up in a spray bottle. Voila! Spray it on and leave it in. It’s ideal for those rushed mornings, when you simply want to wake up your curls.