Makeup artist, Stella Sironen, started the feather brow trend (Pic: Instagram)
Featherbrows trend (Pic: Instagram)

Eyebrow trends are always changing. During the last decade brow shapes went from super thin and drawn in during the 1920's to thick and prominent in 2016 thanks to model, Cara Delevingne.

Now a new, and rather bizarre, trend has emerged and taken die hard makeup loving Instagramers by storm.


After make-up artist Stella Sironen posted a picture (which received 51 400 likes) of her feather brows two weeks ago, the trend has taken off like a bird in flight. It wasn't long after that, that #featherbrows posts started hatching all over Instagram. 

The look is created by making a path through the middle of your brow hairs as you would a middle path through your hair. Then brush the brow hairs in opposite directions to create a look resembling a feather. Some have women are taking it further by adding colour through the middle of the brow creating actual feather looking "artwork" as they refer to it. Now they have even added jewels and sparkle to really make a statement.

If you've been letting your brows grow or blessed with naturally full brows, you could definitely try this look. 

Peacock feather brow (Pic: Instagram)

THIS IS ART✨#featherbrows

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But will you actually leave home with? 

If this trend isn't bizarre enough, the "barbed wire" eyebrows (#barbwirebrows) trend has taken it a step further.

Screensaver. #barbwirebrows #alluremagazine #glitter #90s #dope

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