27-year-old model Chanel Iman. (Picture: Instagram)
27-year-old model Chanel Iman. (Picture: Instagram)

Chanel Iman felt "pressure" to shed her baby weight quickly

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Nov 18, 2018

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The 27-year-old model gave birth to her daughter Cali Clay - whom she has with her husband Sterling Shepard - on August 10, and has said she was so desperate to get back to work on photoshoots that she felt pressurised into getting her pre-pregnancy body back as quickly as she could.

Model Chanel Iman with daughter Cali Clay. (Picture: Instagram)

She said: "[I felt] a little bit [of pressure], just because I wanted to work! I just love being on set. So I wanted to get back into the groove of things."

The beauty says she's still working on her body, but thinks she's "almost back" to her regular weight.

She added: "It doesn't happen overnight. I am still working hard on fitness, and almost back to normal."

Chanel Iman felt "pressure" to shed her baby weight quickly. (Picture: Instagram)

But despite being desperate to get back to work, NFL star Sterling, 25, says both he and Chanel hate to leave Cali's side when it comes to work commitments.

He said: "We don't like to leave her at all. I am usually the one that's away and it's kind of tough on me, but we Facetime, so that helps out. She looks dead at the camera! And I just made her laugh for the first time the other day. We were cracking up. It was so funny."

To which Chanel added: "She smiles and coos when she hears her daddy's voice because he talked to her when she was in the womb."

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