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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Device-driven medical facials produce results

We’ve left the days of ’steam and cream’ maintenance behind with the use of the latest machines for the delivery of active ingredients.

We’ve left the days of ’steam and cream’ maintenance behind with the use of the latest machines for the delivery of active ingredients.

Published Feb 22, 2022


Find it hard to put down your Smart Phone when you’re lying on the skin therapist’s bed for your treatment? We’re sure most people do. Whether it’s catching up on admin or just replying to that last WhatsApp, switching to silent is often an internal struggle.

But a device of another kind needs to work while your phone – and you – have downtime. Welcome to the world of tech-driven medical facials. We’ve left the days of “steam and cream” maintenance behind and now with the use of the latest skin machines available at Skin Renewal, delivery of active ingredients for stellar results just got a whole lot better. And we’re talking amazing effects.

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The solution for stressed skin

Often our skins are in such a state that we need to find an answer to bring them back to life. But does this mean a whole set of treatments and changing up skincare products? Not necessarily.

An all-in-one solution with use of hydra-dermabrasion and transdermal Mesotherapy comes in the form of the superhero, HydraTouch facial. It also combines PDT (you may have heard of it as combination electroporation with Photodynamic Therapy) and skin tightening in a gentle, no-downtime, cutting-edge device.

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What does this all mean for your skin-in-crisis? An answer to dullness and dehydration, so that your glow and radiance is fresher than ever before. And your skin gets a serious health kick; a renewed feeling of moisturise and rehydration to help improve its strength from the inside.

It’s thanks to how the devices work together with hydrating products like a specialised serum. And so you’re utterly relaxed, a further hydrating mask is applied so skin is completely soothed.

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Curating more collagen

Ever thought of a facial as a way to really boost your skin’s collagen in the fight against aging? Yes it’s something you can hone in on during your monthly medical facial and not just during specialised therapies.

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For this, an Anti Ageing Mesoglow Facial helps those wishing to combat sagging skin. Think of it as preventative; our collagen decreases as we age and so as soon as we start building up reserves and sooner we help the skin stay firm and taught.

Expect a layered approach in the form of Viz Microdermabrasion, transdermal Mesotherapy with Hyaluronic acid, and an alginate mask. You can even beef up the results with adding an extra serum that’s delivered by means of transdermal mesotherapy. Want to up the you anti-aging ante?

Ask your Skin Renewal medical therapist about concentrated peptides or a collagen serum as an add on.

Monthly maintenance but make it magic!

Want to commit to a monthly medical facial so your steadily improving your skin’s health and always looking good-to-go? The power of machine-driven PDT therapy (known in the industry as rejuvenating LED therapy) means visible light wavelengths for help with beautiful skin rejuvenation.

What you’ll see – and all in the space of a lunch hour - is skin healing and anti-aging benefits. This is a great option for concern-based treatment (from breakouts to rejuvenation) and also as an answer to that glowy pre-event complexion. Ask for the PDT & MesoSilkpeel Facial from Skin Renewal.

Want more bang for your facial buck? Switching to powered-up medical facials driven by devices for better active ingredient absorption could make all the difference. Here’s to the start of a happy and healthy skin care journey.

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