Public weighs in on Dineo Ranaka viral video. Photo: Instagram
Public weighs in on Dineo Ranaka viral video. Photo: Instagram

Dineo Ranaka responds to ‘exploitation’ accusation after being dragged

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Jan 6, 2022

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Media personality Dineo Ranaka has responded to accusations that she exploited a make-up artist.

Felicia Zwane alleged that Dineo had tried to backtrack on paying her what she was due for promoting the star’s make-up brand, LuvDR in December.

Felicia said she was contacted by Dineo’s team to work at a LuvDR pop-up shop and that her rates were discussed via text. She claimed that after the work was done, both Dineo and her team members went silent and she struggled to get paid.

Text messages between the two were then released in which Dineo said her office was researching what the daily rates for make-up artists were.

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Dineo alleged in a statement to TshisaLIVE that Felicia tried to “extort” from her an amount that was “way beyond” industry rates.

“We battled getting an invoice out of her because she made an attempt to extort from us what was way beyond industry rates for make-up sampling at our pop-up store. Only on the day of her public rant did we receive an email with an official confirmation of her invoice as well as a compensation fee for her transportation costs,” she told the publication.

The reality TV star claimed they were also investigating a theft that allegedly occurred at the same time Felicia worked with them.

“On the days she worked, R3 000 worth of make-up stock went missing. As a business, we have to investigate that. I communicated with her on DM and she tried to get cocky with me and I then left it to my team to resolve.”

Felicia denied stealing anything and questioned the investigation.

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