Drew Barrymore misses her thin eyebrows. (Picture: Instagram)
The 43-year-old actress - who recently launched her own cosmetic line named Flower Beauty - has admitted she loved her 90s style plucked eyebrows much more than the fuller brow she sports now.

However, she is "lucky they grew back" because she "tweezed them for so many years" to keep their slim shape. 

Speaking to Refinery29, Drew said: "I really miss my thin eyebrows! Although I'm so lucky they grew back, because I tweezed them for so many years ... I also loved bleaching the crap out of them - I had a personal stock investment in Jolen. Another thing I loved: We used to draw MAC's Spice lip liner all over our lips, then get a powder puff and pound it over our faces, and reapply and repeat. It was like we were trying to create our own matte lipstick with chalky powder and lip liner."

The 'Never Been Kissed' star also confessed that she has always appreciated the "power of beauty" since she was a young girl and loves how it can make you feel like a "different woman".

She added: "I think that makeup really transforms a woman's demeanour, attitude and confidence levels. It's like armour. When I was a little kid on set, I'd see these women go into the makeup trailer at 4am, hunched over with their collars pulled up and their faces turned down. Then, through hot rollers and lipstick and all of this magic, they were completely different women by 6am. That to me was the power of beauty: transformation."