Essence team flawless. Picture: Supplied.
To celebrates the uniqueness and diversity that South Africa is, Essence launched their new makeup range at The Melrose Art Gallery on Thursday.

It was heaven on earth for the ladies as the room was filled with everything makeup. From foundations, brushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, you name it-everything was there.  

Essence makeup range. 

To live up to the theme of everything pink, the brands' ambassadors, social media princess Jessica Van Heerden, South Africa's sweetheart and online makeup guru Mihlali Ndamase, beauty vlogger Nuzhah Jacobs and quirky, daring tomboy, Refiloe Nkoane were all dressed in different shades of pink- representing the flawlessness of a woman. 

The flawless beauty squad. 

And to help those who are struggling with finding the perfect shade for their skin tone, a makeup station was put together strictly for that. 

After socialising and sharing stories with other women on what makes them flawless, the heaven’s gates opened and everyone was given an opportunity to pick their favourite items that were on the stall. 

With the #teamflawless campaign, Essence aims to celebrate the uniqueness, individuality, and the qualities that make a woman ‘a woman’.