The new Six Aesthetix Plasma Wave.
At their new clinic in Hyde Park, Evolve Day Spa recently launched a new anti-ageing technology, the SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave. 

The SIX Aesthetix Plasma Wave is the latest device used for non-invasive treatments by creating a genuine plasma output. The output vaporizes small sections of the skin through sublimation techniques, to promote targeted healing which effectively tightens the skin. 

To do a   SIX Aesthetix Plasma ARC Treatment, you first have to thoroughly cleanse the skin and then sterilize it using a sterilizing spray. The therapist will aneathetise the skin using a 10% Lidocaine Cream by massaging the area to be treated.


Using a 10% Lidocaine Cream by massaging the area to be treated is key. 

Patterns are then created on the skin with plasma to target the specific areas which need a lift or tightening. Excess carbon residue is removed, followed by an application of O2 Serum to instantly calm the area. To enhance soothing and healing around the treatment area, a Vitamin C Moisturising Cream is then applied to the rest of the face.

Following the treatment, the skin will be very red and inflamed, which is normal. The final steps to the treatment include a light application of moisturizer and the Broad Spectrum Sun Protection SPF50+.