Handbag essentials.
It is no secret that a woman's best friend is her handbag. Women carry their handbags everywhere they go, including to the bathroom. 

A woman’s handbag carries more than you can imagine. However, every handbag should have lip gloss, hand cream, tissue/wipes and tampon/pad. 

The reason why you should always have a lip gloss is because you don’t want to walk around with ashy lips. You never know who could bump into. 

The same goes for your hands;  imagine having to give someone a shake in crusty hands? That wouldn’t be cool. Carrying a tampon/pad is also important because mother nature might come around at any given time, stay armed. 

We chatted to three different influencers in the fashion and beauty industry who share what they keep in their handbags all the time. 

Funeka Sukazi

Funeka Sukazi, fashion designer and founder of Dejavu Designs keeps:
  • Portable makeup bag with powder, mascara and lipstick inside
  • Tampon/ sanitary pad
  • Wipes
  • Hand lotion
Funeka Sukazi. 
Tasneem Valley

Stylist and founder of KHALEES, a brand which specialises in unique Habib scarves and headwraps, Tasneem Valley shares what she always carry in her handbag. As a mother of four, she always has:
  • Small toy cars
  • Eyebrow spoolie
  • Hand sanitiser
Tasneem Valley. 

Unazia Moideen

Unazia Moideen is the founder of The Brow Bar, a brow specialist franchise and her top three handbag essentials are:
  • Power bank
  • Eight hour cream for lips
  • Dermaquest tinted moisture zinc clear SPF30
Unazia Moideen.