Harry Styles feels that dressing up is part of the show.
Harry Styles feels that dressing up is part of the show.

Harry Styles speaks about his fashion influencers and Gucci's unisex perfume

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Aug 6, 2019

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During an interview with Dazed magazine, singer Harry Styles speaks about those who influence his style and Gucci's unisex perfume campaign.

"My mother has always worn the same perfume. It smells like roman candles and jasmine. So like anytime I smell it, I feel like a kid again. I feel like everyone has those,” says Styles. 

After wearing flared pants for the first time he felt it was “really fun”. 
"I just kind of started wearing more and more of it, and at the same time just becoming a lot more comfortable in myself,” says the singer.

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“I used to wear all black all of the time... but I was realizing (dressing up) was a part of the show, if you will. Especially when performing. So, I think (for) the people I have always admired and looked up to in music, clothes have always been a big part of the thing. Like Bowie, Elvis Presley. It’s always been part of the thing,” he says about his evolving fashion influence.

Styles explained that the three-day shoot for the perfume campaign didn’t feel like a typical shoot. 

He says Guccis new fragrance is for everyone. “It transcends gender. I really like wearing it because it’s (Gucci’s) first universal fragrance.” 

He also confirmed that he actually wears the perfume every day and even sleeps in it. 

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