Don't use all your highlighter at the same time. (Pic: Instagram)

Whether it’s a cream or powder form, highlighters are a girl’s best friend. Makeup lovers can’t get enough of this light catching product that provides an instant glow. 

Used correctly it gives the skin a youthful dewy finish. Used incorrectly you could end up looking like a discoball.

Here are few tips on what NOT to do when applying highlighter:

Don’t go over the top during the day. You want to keep it subtle. A good trick is to add a bit of highlighter to your foundation. Cream formulas work best here. This will give you an overall glow without looking overdone. Perfect base for the natural dewy look.

Glitter is NOT highlighter. Substituting highlighter for glitter is one sure way to have you looking like a glitter ball. You want to glow, not sparkle.

I may have overdone it on the highlighter just a tad ✨🌞✨ #TrophyWifeBarbie #makeupfail

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Avoid using the wrong highlighter shade. Highlighters have different undertones. You have a choice of bronze or gold, pink, peach or silver or white. If you have dark skin tone you should go for more bronzy gold colours. Pinks work best on pale skin. While medium skin should opt for peachy tones. Regardless what your skin tone is, remember that it is a highlighter. So it has to a shade or two lighter than your foundation.

Don’t apply highlighter to the wrong areas. First of all is doesn’t go all over your face. This will leave you looking oily. You want to highlight the area’s that catch the light. The areas on your face that you want enhance. Best spots would be the highest part of your cheekbone, the bridge of your nose (NOT the tip of the nose) and just above the cupid’s bow of your lip.

Make up artist Desi Perkins shows you how to apply highlighter like a pro.