How to ace the ‘no make-up’ make-up trend

No make-up is the new make-up. Picture: Pexels/John Diez

No make-up is the new make-up. Picture: Pexels/John Diez

Published Jan 17, 2023


Besides the return of the Y2K skinny brows, one of the other biggest make-up trends this year is the “no make-up” make-up look.

In fact, at spring/summer 2023 fashion week shows, designers were sending models down the runway with no make-up at all.

No make-up is the new make-up. Picture: Pexels/Monstera

In order to pull off this look you need to have flawless skin. Which means you need to up your skincare game.

But not everyone has perfect skin no matter how intense their skincare routine is.

However, that doesn’t have to stop you from getting the look.

Of course, we’re going to fake it in such a way that no one will even notice it.

It’s so simple that it will soon become your go-to everyday natural look.

Here’s how to get the fresh face look with just a little bit of help from your make-up basics.

Before you apply anything to your face make sure that your skin is moisturised.

It’s important to moisturise. Picture: Pexels/Sora Shimazaki

It’s impossible to get this look if your skin is dry and ashy.

If you have a bit of extra time apply a hydrating face mask before applying make-up.

Use a primer. A pore-filling primer will smooth and fill any pores without clogging them. This creates a smooth canvas even before you apply any foundation.

For this look, you want to use as little foundation – if at all – as possible.

Look out for an illuminating primer which will (give you) a dewy glow and automatically makes you look hydrated. It’s all about the skin!

If you’re feeling too bare and simply cannot do without foundation, then use a very light formula foundation. A tinted moisturiser is ideal. Stay far away from any full-coverage matte foundations.

Ditching the foundation? Then a touch of concealer is all you need.

Simply dab a lightweight concealer on areas like dark rings and pesky blemishes that need a bit of cover.

Add just a hint of colour with blusher. Use a creamy blush in a tone that is as close to your natural rosy skin colour as possible.

You can dab a bit of the same cream blush on your lips for a natural lip.

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