L.O.V Cosmetics Eye attraction Magnetic  Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow (R209) Supplied picture.
L.O.V Cosmetics Eye attraction Magnetic Magnetic Loose Eyeshadow (R209) Supplied picture.
Model Nandipha Gumede . Make-up artist Wasim Van Artist and Jewellery Legacy Collection . Picture by Siphephile Sibanyoni ANA/Pictures .

Forget the matte lipstick and matte shadow palettes, now is the time to glow in metallic make-up that will bring some delicate shimmer and mirror-like shadows into your face. There are a number of new and improved formulas in the market that don’t diffuse on application but stay on for the whole day, and also are packed with intense pigmentation that can blind.

Heavy metal make-up can be intimidating for a novice. However, just like any make-up product, there are tricks and ways to get to your desired look. Risks include looking like a messy glitter ball or a cyborg but you should go for a sophisticated look that will work for you during the day as well as at night.

Should you feel that you are not not ready for a full metallic face with glittering or gilded lips and highlighted cheeks and eyes, start with one focal point and keep the rest of your face dewy and natural. The trend works for both winter and summer.

* How to apply metallic make-up like a pro 

1. Prime for success:  Smooth a primer over your eyelids after your moisturizer to ensure that your skin is properly moisturized. This will also ensure that your eye-shadow stays put for a longer period.

2. Start light:  Begin with a light dust of the shade that you are planning to use and add on to it for more pigmentation. Don’t be scared to experiment by mixing two or more shades for that mermaid-tail effect.

3. Use the right tools:  Focusing on just essential brushes, take your pick from either natural or synthetic bristles brushes (choose natural fibers for powdered shadows and synthetic hair for cream). A basic eye-shader brush or a eye-shadow blending brush will do the job. Evenly pat the colour on your lid for a intense finish or sweep the colour with gentle strokes for a softer look. From fan brushes to fluffy tapered heads, either one of these will work for your highlighter.

4. Clean up:  Check that each stroke is clearly mapped out and use some translucent powder where it’s needed to clean up. My trick is to apply the eye- shadow first, before the foundation or powder, for a flawless finish.

GLOW: Essence glow to go highlighter palette (R99.95). Supplied picture.

* The Do’s and Don’t of metallic makeup

1. Don’t go overboard: Balance is key, no matter how tempted you are to add a little extra shimmer. Keep the rest of your look clean and hydrated to make your metallic eye and lips stand out.

2. Do wear pastels: Silvers and golds will get you noticed but so are shades  dark green, pink metallic and tangerine...do experiment.

3. Do have fun with lip gloss, metallic lips don’t only come in a matte finish.

4. Don’t put glitter in your hair or anywhere in your body. You are not a craft project, there is no need for your body to match your face.

Wet n Wild Metallic Liquid Catsuit (R100) . Supplied picture.


Makeup artist: Wasim Van Artist

Jewelry: Legacy Collection

Model Nandipha Gumede