Make-up sponges. Picture: Google Images.

Social network site Reddit, has users which post interesting pieces of advice, as well as genius hacks that one can use for everyday tasks.

This time, Reddit users have posted an unconventional method of cleaning  a beauty blender (a product used to blend foundation, powder or highlighter), using a kitchen appliance: a microwave.

You did read the above paragraph correctly; a microwave can be used to clean beauty blenders. 

One Reddit user, mtgrace wrote this beauty hack on her post: 

"Weirdest tip I’ve ever heard - but actually does a pretty good job;

"Half fill a mug/cup with water and squirt some dish soap in! Pop in the beauty blender and put in the microwave for 1 minute. Really gets a lot of the makeup out!

"(Disclaimer to be careful when touching the blender when it’s first come out of the microwave because it is boiling hot)."
ghostly_kitten agreed, saying that she uses this tactic, too:

"This is what I do too!"

"Pro tip: Don't forget it sitting in the microwave overnight. I did this once and it absorbed basically the entire mug of water and no matter how long I dried it out for, it never went back to a normal size. I accidentally DIYed a body blende[r] before it was mainstream."

People on the site were beyond amazed by mtgrace’s beauty hack, but nonetheless, it is a beauty hack that may come in handy for many make-up users.