Tasneem Valley in her natural radiant glow look. Picture: Thobile Mazibuko

With Winter being one of the most dry seasons, skin maintenance can be a challenge.

Tasneem Valley, beauty therapist gave us tips on how to keep skin radiant this winter.

“When it comes to radiant glow, I’m all about emphasizing the natural features of the face without changing the way a woman looks. You first have to find features in your face that you love the most, be it eyes, cheek-bones or full lips, whatever it may be, enhance those features,” said Valley.

With social media trends growing daily, most people want to have an “Instagram look” which according to Valley, is putting too much pressure on young girls.

“Everyone wants to have an Instagram look and that’s not nice because it puts young girls under a lot of pressure. With me it’s all about having a radiant glow that still gives you a bit of that natural look,” added Valley.

Five tips on how to keep a natural radiant glow:

5. Use blemish balm cream instead of foundation just to blur out any imperfection.

Even if you do have an imperfection, do away with wanting to cover it up. This helps the skin to breathe.

4. Put on a natural blush

A natural blush is when you pinch your cheeks to get the rose natural glow.

3. Comb your eyebrows

If your comb your brows everyday, you are actually molding them to grow that way. Just brush them and fill in the spaces.

2. Dark matte lipstick

They are in this winter, but if you’re a girl on the go use a chubby stick. It’s a handy three in one because you can use it as an eyeliner, can even apply it on your cheek bones and of course, on the lips as well.

1.Wing liner

If you have mastered the art of the wing liner then you have won because nothing beats a wing liner. This helps a lot to break away from heavy highlighting.

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Also, a healthy glowing skin doesn’t just come with using certain products, you have to drink a lot of water and go for facials.

“Remember that we live in high-veld area, our air is extremely dry and our weather is harsh so drink  water, go for your facials and for home use, take coconut oil and massage it on your face in the upper direction,” added Valley.