After being indoors for too long things can a bit scary. Picture: Pexels
After being indoors for too long things can a bit scary. Picture: Pexels

How to maintain the bush, brows and nails during self-isolation

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Mar 23, 2020

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To protect yourself your loved ones against the coronavirus, you’ve decided to self-isolate and to practice social-distancing when absolutely necessary.

So how long have you been in self-isolation?

Has it been five days? You’re probably still enjoying some time out from society, catching up on series you’ve been wanting to watch and not wearing a bra or pants. Ah yes, good times.

Or has it been 10 days? You’ve now seen all the series you were keen on and now watching just about anything including doomsday documentaries (really doesn’t help under the circumstance), you’ve started missing your friends and just hanging out drinking wine over a meal cooked by someone else. 

You’ve started to miss actually putting on a bra and dressing up. The beauty routine of playing with all those expensive makeup brushes and the highlighted you paid half your salary for when you rushed online to import it, is now unimportant.

Looking in the mirror has now become a little scary. Your brows are slowly becoming a Frida Kalo unibrow and you don’t want to lift your arms because you have a nice little bush growing there.

Let’s not talk about lawn growing on your legs and then there’s the bikini area. No matter how much or little hair you prefer a Hollywood or Brazilian, things are now way out of control.

Then you look at your hands and feet and they are looking sad and neglected. Wearing surgical gloves is your only saving grace.

But come on girls, we can overcome this. When we can finally step out we will do so with our heads held high, smooth legs and perfectly manicured.

Here’s what you can do to maintain your beauty standards.


I’m sure you own pair of tweezers. Well, you really should. For now, all you need to be doing is a daily check and plucking out that hair that’s popped out where it doesn’t belong. Don’t go in and just start plucking any hairs. That’s when things start going bad. Just keep the brow clean. You still want brows at the end of it all.

Don't over-pluck your eyebrows. Picture: Pexels

Body hair

First of all, body hair is natural. It’s actually meant to be there. Having said that I’m well aware of the fact that we all want silky smooth legs and hairless armpits. Ladies, during these trying times when salon waxing isn’t an option, we’re going have to go back to basics. 

Yes, I’m talking about razors. It works for me. 

Now the bikini area might be trickier. Especially the ladies who want everything off. Not sure a razor’s going to be such a good idea. Either embrace the bush or opt for those shop-bought wax strips. OUCH!

We all love silky smooth legs. Picture: Pexels

Mani and pedi

Did your mother sit in a salon once a week? What happens when you get to the end of the month and every cent counts? Yes, you do your own nails and feet. I’m sure by now you know the basics. Unless you never watch what your beautician is doing when she’s working on you. You don’t even need fancy or expensive goodies. 

Who doesn’t know how to apply nail polish? If you don’t now is the perfect time to practice. You don’t need that many colours either. Yes you’re used to having a wall of different colours to choose from when you go to the salon but all you really need is a classic red, nude and very dark burgundy. Let’s just stay away from the french tips for now as well. It’s boring anyway.

A classic red nail polish is all you need. Picture: Pexels

Even if you’re going not out, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t dress up, use that ridiculously expensive highlighter and feel your sexy self. I’m sure hubby would love a romantic home dinner with a foxy lady.

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