Actress Emma Watson is most comfortable with who she is at age 25. Picture: Reuters

London - Thick, statement brows are all over the catwalks and spotted on starlets such as Emma Watson and model of the year Cara Delevingne.

If yours are more sparse than spruce, fake your way to definition with our guide:

1 If you have straggly brows, trim before defining with make-up. Brush eyebrow hair up using a comb, then, using small nail scissors, trim until you have an even line.

2 Time to tweeze. Always pluck in daylight to avoid mistakes. Pull the skin taut, then pluck gently in the direction the hair grows. Stop every two or three hairs to see the overall effect.

3 To define brows, add a touch of powder, then sharpen a pencil one shade darker than your natural colour. Begin at the inner corner of the brow, then fill in using quick, short strokes.

4 Set your brows in shape with a gel. This keeps the make-up in place and your brows looking voluminous. Just lightly apply it as you would mascara.

5 Keep make-up minimal and hair sleek: your brows should be the focal point. A striking red lip is all you really need. - Daily Mail