Constantly applying lip balm isn't always the solution to dry lips. Picture: Pexels
Constantly applying lip balm isn't always the solution to dry lips. Picture: Pexels

How to prevent and treat dry, cracked lips

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 14, 2020

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Since I've been working from home I've had to keep my lip balm close by. 

My lips are constantly feeling dry so I find myself apply lip balm way more often than I usually do. 

In fact I only carry lip balm for those odd occasions when I remove a matte lipstick which tends to dry out my lips. 

I find it odd that would lips would be so dry especially since I'm not in an air-conditioned building which usually makes my skin feel dry.

I know that some people are obsessed with lip balms and are constant applying it. I've seen these lip balm addicts have mini heart attacks when their precious balms cannot be located. 

So why are my lips so dry and cracked right now? 

I'm not drinking enough water. There, I said it, I'm not drinking enough water. Which is weird because I'm at home. I've realised that when I'm work I make more of an effort to drink water. Especially since you can't really be getting up and down to get water. So you make sure that you have a bottle of water at hand. 

If you're suffering with me then here are some tips on how to prevent further damage: 

Stop licking your lips. It might seem like a good idea and at the time it feel like you're adding moisture to you lips but you're saliva is in fact removing the already lacking natural oils from you lips. So just because it's wet doesn't mean it's hydrating! 

Step away from that matte lipstick you love so much. It's going to awful on those dry lips and it's going to dry them out even more. 

Resist the urge to tug at those flaky bits of skin on your lips. Dry bleeding lips are not a good look.

Stay hydrated. Picture: Pexel

The best way to heal dry like is to keep them moist. Here's how: 

Stay hydrated. We all know we have to do this. So just do it. 

We all love honey and now you have a great excuse to have sweet sticky lips. Honey is highly moisturizing and also contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which help prevent infections.

Reach for the petroleum jelly. Use it throughout the day and before bed to help moisturize your lips. It seals in water longer than oily or waxy balms. 

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