Mothers and daughters can have fun sharing makeup. (Picture: Pexels)
Mothers and daughters can have fun sharing makeup. (Picture: Pexels)

How to share your makeup with your teen daughter without a fight

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Aug 7, 2019

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As a little girl, I used to love standing beside my mom to watch her skilfully apply her makeup. When I knew she was preparing for a special occasion I was even more eager to watch her magically create an evening look. 

Now that I’m a mom of two girls, I constantly have curious eyes watching my every brushstroke as I get ready in the morning or for an event. Now I know exactly how my mom must have felt. It feels like I’m always doing a mini makeup tutorial. 

Mom doing her makeup is like a mini tutorial. (Picture: Pexels)

My six-year-old is already attempting to apply lipstick. Of course, there’s more lipstick on her chin and upper lip. She even knows that she has to brush her brows even if she uses my mascara instead. When I kiss her goodbye in the morning, she insists that I carefully kiss straight on the tiny lips just so that she can get a hint of lipstick on them. Sneaky but oh so cute. 

My 14-year-old, on the other hand, has had many years of watching and learning. Admittedly, her skills are even better than mine. Thanks to the many beauty bloggers and their makeup tutorials (that she watches whenever she gets a chance), she now helps ME with my makeup. 

Even though she has the skills, she only has a handful of makeup products to work with. That’s where my vast makeup collection comes in (and out). A wonderland of different colours and textures of lipsticks, eyeshadows, shimmering highlighters and makeup brushes galore. 

A collection of makeup that I’ve now come to accept no longer belongs to me. No matter how much I forbid her from using them or try and hide the expensive products, I still have to look for my highlighter when I need it or find my eyebrow pencil on her bedside table. 

Keep makeup in one place. (Picture: Pexels)

I used to think that my makeup vanished into thin air. Now I know that it’s just somewhere in my daughter’s room.

There are products that we both love while there are a few that she wouldn’t be caught wearing. 

Even if we do use the same product, we often use them differently. And according to her, I’m always using it incorrectly. 

When it comes to fashion and makeup, I’m always open to new ideas but there are some looks that just don’t work on a mature woman and there other looks that wouldn’t be appropriate for a young girl. 

So how can mom share her makeup kit with her daughter and remain sane?

There has to be a rule about where makeup is applied so that the products don’t “disappear”.

There are certain products that cannot be shared and foundation is one of them. Besides colour matching, young teen girls shouldn’t be wearing foundation at all.  A touch of concealer is all that’s needed to cover up any breakouts. 

The other products would be eyeliner and mascara. Make sure she has her own so that she’s not tempted to grab yours. Young girls love emphasising their lashes. 

Products you can safely share include: blusher, highlighters and eyeshadow. 

I’m not a huge fan of young girls wearing dark lipsticks, so keep a few lip glosses and tinted lip balms in your collection. 

Young girls should keep their makeup looks natural. (Picture: Pexels)

There are two looks that are great for mom and daughter. The one is the glowing dewy look. An easy natural daytime look which uses creamy-textured products that you can apply with your fingers. Fresh moisturized dewy skin, rosy blush on the cheeks, a few coats of mascara and a tinted lip balm to complete the look. No brushes and tricky brush techniques required. 

Another look that looks great on all ages is the bronzed goddess look. To create this look you can either use cream-based products using your fingers (once again a better option for a teen) or you could opt for powder products (try not to mix cream and powder). 
Apply copper bronze tones to areas on the face you would naturally tan and highlighter to areas you want to enhance. Complete the look with a touch of blush and a few coats of mascara. 

Young girls should stay away from over powdered, matt looks with dark eyeshadow and bold lipsticks. 
Moms should stay clear of products that will sit in fine lines and creases. As well as anything that contains glitter. Whether it be lipstick or eyeshadow. 

My mom, who was my personal makeup blogger, who’s makeup tutorials I loved so much, taught me a few things as well. Her top makeup tips were: don’t forget blush and if you had only one product, it has to be red lipstick because it can be used on your lips and cheeks.

Regardless of the products or the makeup looks created, I try my best to teach my daughter to embrace her natural beauty. That makeup should be fun. They're there to be creative with - but most importantly - to enhance your features. 

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