Sheet mask. Picture: Instagram.
Winter can wreak havoc with your skin, leaving it dry and flaky and it can sometimes even crack. That’s why it’s important to look after your skin to achieve optimal hydration.

For the best possible skin health, Eco Diva recommends the following:  

Hydrate from within . Drink plenty of water, even warm water with lemon to keep your skin and health optimal. Water allows the skin to remain hydrated, while the lemon assists in balancing pH levels, important for your health and your skin’s health.
Exoliate . Ensure dead skins cells are removed regularly. Try a dry exfoliator to assist in removing dead skin cells while stimulating collagen production.
Layer your skincare . When it comes to boosting hydration, use a two-step layering technique: serum, then moisturizer. Serum is designed to penetrate deeper into the skin, fast-tracking ingredients like peptides, vitamins and antioxidants, while cream seals in the moisture and offers that extra healthy glow.