Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram
Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

How to thoroughly wash afro hair

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published May 23, 2018

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Maintaining natural hair is not easy, it requires a lot of nourishing. Ethnic hair is naturally dry, so it has to be continuously  moisturiized. 

To keep your hair healthy, you have to wash it regularly, however, be cautious of the products you use and always go for the ones that will not strip the nutrients your hair needs but will rather restore them. 

Always use products with natural ingredients. 

Before applying shampoo, ensure that your hair is this will help in absorbing all the nutrients contained in the product. 

Always be gentle on the scalp, and if there are any tangles, carefully detangle them using a comb or fingers. 

It is advisable to wash your hair in the shower, this ensures proper rinsing with clean water. 

Moisturise your scalp daily to keep it healthy. 

Always use a conditioner after rinsing the shampoo. If it’s not a leave-in, stay at least three minutes before rinsing.  

Whilst damp, moisturise and comb your hair. You can then decide if you want to blow dry it or let it dry on its own. Once it is dry, moisturise the scalp and style as desired. 

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