Jessica Nkosi’s lockdown style is sweat pants and a long-sleeve top. Picture: j@essicankosi/Instagram
Jessica Nkosi’s lockdown style is sweat pants and a long-sleeve top. Picture: [email protected]/Instagram

Jessica Nkosi shares her lockdown beauty secrets

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Sep 11, 2020

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MOST South African viewers will know Jessica Nkosi from hit TV show The Queen, but the Volvo ambassador is also a fashionista of note, always showing off her flawless skin. How does she do it?

Below, she talks to us about her lockdown beauty routine.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

My daughter wakes me up early in the morning. Fortunately, I’m a morning person so I don’t mind. We sit together, listen to some praise and worship music and play.

How did the hard lockdown affect your hair and beauty routine?

With regards to hair, I WAS A MESS!! I have natural hair, so it’s an afro and very hard to maintain. I always went to the salon. I do not know how to maintain my own natural hair. So I had to now learn, I had to buy products and combs, etc. It was difficult, lol. But I guess it was a chance to learn more about my hair and it’s texture.

With regards to my face, I was okay, eating healthy really helped, masking my face twice a week did wonders and just drinking a lot of water. I also got to the Babbitt of steaming my face often. I don't even want to talk about my nails... it’s too sad, lol.

What is your everyday lockdown style?

My lockdown style is sweat pants and a long-sleeve top or just pajamas all day or a gown. I would shower and wear my gown and by the time I think about actually getting dressed it’s too late in the day and it’s practically over.

Some of the beauty products Jessica Nkosi uses. Picture: Supplied

Are you on the "no bra needed" team?

Ummmm both, lol.

What do you miss the most during lockdown?

Just being around people, going to restaurants. It was tradition in my jobs that we take Nami to her kid-friendly restaurant and she gets to play with other kids. I really miss our weekends.

Do you feel comfortable enough to now go back to your salon? If so, what was the first beauty treatment you had done when the salons were re-opened.

Yes, I do, and I did go to the salon. I had to get my nails and hair sorted. I felt very safe being there; they only allow two people at a time. They sanitise everything, even the chair I’m sitting on, and they do all hubs on front of you so you see it and know that you are safe. They wear their masks and shields the whole time. So I felt safe.

Is there anything you've learnt to live without during this period?

I’ve learnt that I’m actually a great cook and all that they make at the restaurant, I can make as well. The day I made pizza from scratch I knew it was over for restaurants, lol.

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