Paris Jackson arrives at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday, April 8, 2018, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Paris Jackson's makeup artists spills the secrets to achieving her bold beauty looks.

The makeup artist is well known for creating striking beauty looks on the daughter of the late Michael Jackson and 21-year-old model Bella but admits their looks are so different that he tries to switch up the products he uses to create something more "abstract and cool" on 20-year-old Paris. 

Speaking to ELLE, he explained: "Paris is just so magical and very spiritual - she's very in tune with her chakras and energy vibrations which gives her such a nice calming demeanor. She's quite an old soul for someone who's only 20 and is so unique, so I always try and give her an unexpected make-up look to match that.

"She's such a great advocate for embracing your individuality and trying something cool and different so I never want to give her a make-up look that Bella Hadid wore last week already. It's always something a little more abstract and cool."

And Jo loves using colourful eyeshadow to bring out the 'Gringo' star's striking blue eyes to create a dramatic look to dazzle on the red carpet. 

He said: "There's almost no look you can do on Paris where her eyes don't look amazing. They're just this outrageously beautiful pale aquatic marine blue so any make-up on her just pops. I call her Baby Wolf Eyes because it's like looking at husky puppies, her eyes are so National Geographic.

"I love doing rust tones, or jewel shades like purple and green for a dramatic look. The aim is always to make her look effortlessly striking."